Kelly Beach

Kelly is a Senior European History major and is planning on attending graduate school to achieve a Ph.D. Kelly would like to research and write in-depth about Germany from the early modern period until the present. Afterwards, he is considering teaching at the university level, explaining to the next generation why history is actually important. Being a European History Major, Kelly is so taken with that region that he plans to attend university in Germany next year in the hope of better mastering the language, understanding the culture, and continuing research on a thesis topic. He enjoys intelligent conversation and long walks on the beach.

Michael Cebert

Michael is a Senior, majoring in History, Political Studies and Ethics. Born in Huntsville, Alabama to a Jamaican immigrant family, he has firsthand experience with the complexities of cultural interactions, racial and ethnic relations. He enjoys music, history, politics, soccer, and just about any other activity with his twin brother, Mark. Michael aspires to begin a career in community organizing and political activism, with an emphasis on social justice around issues of race and ethnicity.

Mark Cebert

Mark is a Senior, majoring in History, Political Studies and Ethics. He enjoys music, soccer, and history. Mark hopes to begin a career as an activist and community organizer, with a focus on racial and religious issues.

Eric Shih

Eric is a junior, majoring in Business Administration from Taipei, Taiwan. He has been studying in the United States since high school. Coming from another country, Eric has a deep understanding of the Asian culture and languages. He is interested in history, politics, and social issues. He is especially passionate about international relations and economics. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, reading, and hanging out with friends and family. He would like to pursue a career in business in the future.

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