Kelly Beach

Kelly is a Junior European History major and is planning on attending graduate school to achieve a Ph.D. Kelly would like to research and write in-depth about Germany from the early modern period until the present. Afterwards, he is considering teaching at the university level, explaining to the next generation why history is actually important. Being a European History Major, Kelly is so taken with that region that he plans to attend university in Germany next year in the hope of better mastering the language, understanding the culture, and continuing research on a thesis topic. He enjoys intelligent conversation and long walks on the beach.

Glorianne Besana

Born and raised in New York City, Glorianne Besana is unfazed by the continuous clash of cultures and enjoys observing patterns in human interaction. Now a Senior European History major with a minor in Chemistry, Glorianne has dedicated herself to pursuing a career as a physician and hopes to utilize such skills to provide humanitarian aid. High school introduced Glorianne to literary works detailing European imperialism in Africa, which sparked and continues to fuel her passion for African history. In her spare time Glorianne enjoys reading, taking gratuitous pictures of food, and catching up on sleep.

Trent Broeckel

Trent is a graduate with a European History major and Communications minor from San Diego, CA. His current career plan is to eventually get into grad school, earn a doctorate, then teach at a university abroad. Plan B (fingers crossed) is to be a stay at home dad. Trent is currently most fascinated by the drastically changing political/economic/cultural landscape of Europe and the Middle East.

Michael Cebert

Michael is a Junior, majoring in History, Political Studies and Ethics. Born in Huntsville, Alabama to a Jamaican immigrant family, he has firsthand experience with the complexities of cultural interactions, racial and ethnic relations. He enjoys music, history, politics, soccer, and just about any other activity with his twin brother, Mark. Michael aspires to begin a career in community organizing and political activism, with an emphasis on social justice around issues of race and ethnicity.

Mark Cebert

Mark is a Junior, majoring in History, Political Studies and Ethics. He enjoys music, soccer, and history. Mark hopes to begin a career as an activist and community organizer, with a focus on racial and religious issues.

Gabrielle Dennis

Gabrielle is a Senior Health Communication major with Honors. As an Australian, she is deeply interested in writing about the social, economic and political issues affecting the Island Continent. When she isn’t obsessing over her latest literary discovery, she can be found training for half-marathons, making Pinterest boards, and eating delicious meals with friends. Her current goals include dental school (and eventually a specialization in Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery), completing a horseback safari of Africa, and being involved in education and healthcare for women and children at risk in the Middle East.

Colin Pummel

Colin is a fourth-year European History major with aims to get his doctorate in archaeology and to go on to teach at the college level. Colin developed an interest in international current events after he spent a year studying abroad in France, where he was able to encounter foreign cultures and politics firsthand, and his fascination with international relations transferred from his lifelong interest in history to current affairs. This summer Colin traveled to Jordan for an archaeology dig and travelled the area. Colin loves reading and writing in his free time, as well as skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Bryttni Toddy

Bryttni is a Denver, Colorado native. There she received an AA in Business before heading west to PUC in pursuit of a BA in Intercultural Communications, where she will soon be a senior. Coming from an ethnically diverse family background aided in her desire to see the world and experience different cultures. She spends her free time hiking, camping, reading, delving into music, and adventuring on road trips. Her goal is to travel the world and work with non-profits to aid the communities in which she lives.

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